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A car accident in Westport can be devastating, causing debilitating injuries, property damage to your car, time away from work, and unplanned bills that seem never to stop. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. But the good news is that a Westport car accident lawyer can help.

Hiring a vehicle accident lawyer is your first step to lifting the burden. Your attorney will help prove which driver was at fault, file claims with the other driver’s insurance, negotiate for better settlements, and handle paperwork along the way. Your Westport personal injury lawyer is your advocate for overcoming the tough times following a car accident.

What to Do After a Westport Car Accident

Picture this. You’re driving down The Merritt, and someone rear-ends you. Car accidents are unexpected and cause immediate panic and trauma. It’s important to stay calm and remember to follow these steps:

  1. Assess for Injuries: Seek immediate medical attention for any severe injuries. Check everyone involved to make sure you do not need to call 9-1-1. Medical emergencies are the first priority.
  2. Call the Police: Filing a police report with the Westport police department is a necessary step to take. Records from the officer on the scene will be used to prove which party was at fault. The other driver should wait for the police officer to arrive.
  3. Do Not Answer Questions: Be guarded in answering any questions. You may be in a state of shock, so you do not need to declare that you are without injuries. Let a doctor decide that. State that you will not answer any questions without your Westport car accident lawyer present.
  4. Take Pictures: Even with the police on the scene, it’s a good idea to take your own pictures while waiting for them. You will want to document all angles of the damage to your car and your injuries.
  5. Speak with Witnesses: Flag down witnesses at the scene of the accident and exchange information. Ask them to speak to the traffic officers when they arrive.
  6. Visit a Doctor: No matter the extent of your injuries, it’s a good idea to visit a doctor and get official documentation on whiplash, bumps, and bruises.
  7. Call a Westport Car Accident Lawyer: Have a trusted traffic accident attorney on speed dial so you can guarantee you cover all your bases after a car accident in Westport. Your lawyer will advocate for your rights and seek maximum compensation for your injuries, property damage, and pain and suffering.

The truth is that your first call should be to your Westport car accident lawyer. The sooner you can get an expert on the case, the higher your payout.

What a Westport Car Accident Lawyer Can Do

Westport car accident lawyer

Worrying about lawyer fees is a legitimate hesitation. But when you work with an experienced lawyer, it’s likely you will never pay them until the case is won. That means that the work is free until you get your compensation.

Hiring a Westport Car Accident Lawyer Will Increase Compensation

If you go into insurance negotiations without a lawyer, the insurance company will likely take advantage of you. Their goal is to pay the least amount, and they will be happy that you do not have a lawyer to advise you to fight for a better settlement.

Your Westport car accident lawyer is experienced in knowing what a good settlement is or is not. They will know precisely when to elevate the issue to a lawsuit.

A Car Accident Lawyer Will Negotiate on Your Behalf

Allow your car crash legal expert to use their knowledge to negotiate for a better settlement. They can prove liability and increase the payout as they include pain and suffering. An experienced Westport personal injury will advocate for you every step of the way.

You Can Avoid a Low-Ball Settlement with a Westport Car Accident Lawyer

The other driver’s insurance is not on your side. No matter how nice they are, they know how much you could get out of them but don’t want to pay. Leave it to your lawyer to turn down any low-ball offers and provide the evidence showing how much compensation you deserve.

What If You Are at Fault?

If the other driver has a good lawyer, they may convince you that you are the at-fault party in a car accident. But don’t fall victim to that. Even if you had a part in the accident, you are still eligible for partial compensation. Hire a Westport car accident lawyer to represent you as you prove liability in the case.

How Does a Car Accident Lawyer in Westport Prove Liability?

Your car crash attorney will examine the facts and determine who is liable in the case. This could mean proving that the other driver was distracted, disobeyed traffic laws, or was negligent.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Determine the Other Driver Was Negligent?

Four things have to be true for your lawyer to prove negligence:

  • A duty of care present, such as traffic laws and driver responsibility
  • Proof that the other driver breached the duty of care
  • Proof that the accident occurred because of that breach
  • Evidence of the damage and injuries caused by the accident.

What Is Considered Negligence?

Negligence is often the reason a car accident occurs. There are many ways to prove negligence:

  • Texting While Driving
  • Speeding
  • Drowsy Driving
  • Driving While Under the Influence
  • Failure of Car Maintenance

A thorough investigation is needed to determine negligence. Your Westport car accident lawyer is experienced in fighting for your right to ample compensation.

Increase Compensation and No Fees Unless We Win

Speaking with an expert car accident lawyer will save you money and stress after a car accident. Car accidents don’t happen that often, so you do not have to know what to do next. The good news is that your Westport car accident lawyer will fight for your rights and increase your compensation.

Contact Brill Law to discuss your rights after a car accident. There is no reason to pay all the bills and leave the money you deserve on the table. We do not charge fees unless we win. Set up a consultation to get started.

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