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Experiencing the trauma of a truck accident in Trumbull can leave you feeling frozen and unsure of what to do next. Dealing with injuries, vehicle damage, and pain and suffering is enough to make you want to throw in the towel. But the truth is that you have a responsibility to make sure accidents like this don’t happen again. Speaking with an expert Trumbull truck accident lawyer will help you get started on what to do next.

As you pick up the pieces after a truck accident, it’s important to realize your right to compensation. The truck driver and company have a responsibility to operate such a large vehicle with strict adherence to traffic laws. At Brill Law Group, we provide a Trumbull personal injury lawyer you can trust to help you through the steps to receive the payout you deserve.

When a Truck Is Considered a “Truck”

A truck accident is different from a car accident because of the size of the vehicle. A truck can do much more damage than a regular-sized vehicle. So, what constitutes a truck accident in Trumbull?

The definition varies based on the size and usage of the vehicle involved:

  • Tractor Trailers: Defined by a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) over 26,000 pounds.
  • Straight Trucks/Vehicles: Defined by a GVWR over 10,001 pounds.
  • Pickup Trucks as Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV): Classified as a Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating (GCVWR) over 10,001 pounds.
  • Business Vehicles: Defined by a weight over 10,000 pounds or if pulling a trailer.

Our Trumbull truck accident lawyer will help identify the vehicle and determine whether the accident should be pursued as a truck accident. When a truck collides with your car, you are eligible for greater compensation. So, this classification is critical.

Why You Need a Trumbull Truck Accident Lawyer

Trumbull Truck Accident Lawyer

Filing insurance claims, negotiating settlement payments, and fighting for more compensation are tasks better left to the experts. Our Trumbull truck accident lawyer is well-versed in demanding respect from insurance companies. They speed up the process to minimize your stress.

Our Trumbull truck accident attorney offers services at no cost until we win your case. If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid. Here are some benefits you can expect from your large vehicle accident lawyer.

Conduct a Thorough Investigation

Every detail surrounding the truck accident, whether on the Merritt Parkway or another busy road, contributes to your case. Let our team collect evidence to build a strong case. We investigate all angles to gather relevant facts:

  • Open Records: Including Trumbull police reports, fire station reports, and maintenance records.
  • 911 Recordings and Traffic Cameras: Accessing any recordings that captured the accident, including your 911 call.
  • Surveillance Footage: Footage from nearby business cameras, toll booths, and more.
  • Media Coverage: Contacting reporters and photographers for additional footage.
  • Weather Stats: Considering weather conditions that could have impacted the accident.
  • Defendant and Plaintiff Records: Investigating the truck driver’s background and driving record.

An expert truck accident attorney in Trumbull has the experience to investigate all aspects of the accident and present the strongest case possible. Without an attorney, you may not receive the compensation you deserve.

Determine Liability

The truck driver’s insurance may deny responsibility and try to push the blame off on you. Our experienced truck accident lawyer will fight for your freedom of liability. In addition to the information gained from evidence, our team will pinpoint who is responsible.

Multiple parties may be partly liable in a commercial vehicle accident in Trumbull:

  • Driver and Motor Carrier
  • Property Owner
  • Shipper and Loader
  • Broker and Third-Party Inspectors or Repairs

Once we have done our due diligence to prove liability, the insurance company cannot deny your claim. In fact, we will have a stronger case to negotiate for a higher settlement. Having an expert Trumbull truck accident lawyer by your side will result in maximized compensation.

Insurance Complexities

Understanding the complexities of truck drivers and their insurance policies can be challenging. Who is liable? What does the driving contract say? Our Trumbull truck accident law firm knows who to call and who to hold responsible for your traumatic experience.

Here are some possibilities for truck insurance claims:

  • Tractor and Trailer Insurance: Separate insurance for the truck and trailer may exist.
  • Trailer Coverage: Even if the driver is not found negligent, you may be eligible for compensation.
  • Insurance Policies: Our expert attorney will review both the declaration sheets and full policies to understand your rights.
  • Trailer Interchange Agreement: Different liability policies in case of an accident.

Let us handle the back and forth with the insurance company so that you can focus on healing physically and emotionally. You don’t need to worry about the extra stress of fighting for more compensation. We’ll do it for you.

Choose a Trumbull Truck Accident Lawyer to Calm Worries

Your mental and physical well-being is important to us. We know how to advocate for your rights after a terrifying truck accident. Count on Brill Law Group to do the following:

  • Thoroughly investigate every aspect of your case.
  • Cover all possibilities when gathering evidence.
  • Communicate every step of the way throughout the process.

As your medical and auto bills pile up, demand respect during your truck accident case. Hiring a truck accident lawyer in Trumbull will show that you mean business. The insurance company will no longer think they can get away with a low-ball settlement offer.

Partner with Brill Law Group to receive compassionate, comprehensive legal services. We offer the expertise you need to maximize compensation and move past this trauma as quickly as possible.

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