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If you are reading about hiring a Milford truck accident lawyer, you must be dealing with the harrowing aftermath of a truck accident. Colliding with a truck and experiencing such an accident damages your health, property, and emotional well-being.

We offer our support as you navigate this sensitive time. Get in touch with our trusted Milford personal injury lawyer to make the process of filing a claim and collecting compensation as smooth as possible.

Do You Need a Milford Truck Accident Lawyer?

You may not be sure if you experience a regular car accident or if your case qualifies for compensation from a truck accident. It depends on the size and use of the vehicle:

  • Pickup Trucks as Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMV): This can be considered a truck if it has a Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating (GCVWR) over 10,001 pounds.
  • Business Vehicles: You’ve experienced a truck accident in Milford if the other vehicle is over 10,000 pounds or if it is pulling a trailer.
  • Tractor Trailers: These large semi-trucks are defined by a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of over 26,000 pounds.
  • Straight Trucks/Vehicles: Other vehicles are filed under truck accidents if they have a GVWR over 10,001 pounds.

Your Milford truck accident lawyer will identify the category of the other vehicle involved in your accident and know what steps to take next. Therefore, it is important to have a knowledgeable freight truck accident attorney on your case to fight for maximized compensation.

The Benefits of Having a Milford Truck Accident Lawyer

Milford truck accident lawyer

A truck accident can cause more severe damages and injuries than a regular car accident. Even if your injuries are not as bad as they could have been, it’s important to make sure the truck driver is held responsible for the accident.

Your Milford trucking accident law firm will offer services for free until we win the case. You do not have to pay us until you get paid. Consequently, we will not burden you with extra bills while you’re waiting for your compensation.

Our team works tirelessly to increase your compensation so the truck company doesn’t get away with negligence. Here are some examples of value we add to your case:

Complete a Comprehensive Investigation

Truck accidents on The Turnpike are terrifying and sometimes fatal. If you are involved in a truck accident in Milford, we want to learn all aspects of the case to find out if the accident could have been prevented.

Our skilled team doesn’t let any relevant facts slip by unnoticed:

  • 911 Recordings: Witnesses, victims, and truck drivers make calls to 9-1-1 immediately following the accident. The accounts of what happened on these calls are pertinent to the case.
  • Traffic Cameras: All major highways and intersections have traffic cameras. This footage is essential for getting a third-party view of what happened and who could be responsible for the accident.
  • Surveillance Footage: Businesses, toll booths, and bus stops all have cameras that can be used to collect evidence in your truck accident case.
  • Media Coverage: We review all news videos and reports to find out any more details to contribute to your Milford truck accident claim.
  • Open Records: Public records include Milford police reports, maintenance records, fire station records, and more.
  • Weather: Blizzards, torrential rain, or high winds can all contribute to truck accidents in Milford. If drivers are not trained to travel in such conditions, they should not be on the road.
  • Defendant and Plaintiff Records: The truck driver’s background and driving record are a part of the investigation.

Consult your Milford truck accident lawyer to learn the best steps for filing your insurance claim and rejecting any low-ball offers. We are truck collision legal experts and know what a fair payout for your pain and suffering looks like.

Prove What Parties Are Responsible

After a truck accident in Milford, you may not know where to start as your medical and auto repair bills accumulate. How do you prove liability in the accident? What if the truck driver is denying responsibility? So, there are a few possible parties that could be liable when you need a Milford truck accident lawyer to decide:

  • Driver and Motor Carrier
  • Shipper and Loader
  • Broker and Third-Party Inspectors or Repairs
  • Property Owner

A combination of these parties may be responsible for the accident. Working with a qualified lawyer will always increase your chances of receiving maximum compensation after a truck accident in Milford.

Handle Insurance Claims

Insurance companies are trained to pay the least amount possible, which is why you need a Milford truck accident lawyer to advocate for your case. How do you contact the truck company’s insurance company? What if they don’t call you back?

Luckily, our Milford truck accident law firm knows who to call and what to say to ensure your case is a priority.

Here are some possibilities for truck insurance claims:

  • Tractor and Trailer Insurance
  • Trailer Coverage
  • Insurance Policies
  • Trailer Interchange Agreement

Hiring a Milford truck accident lawyer will save you money in the long run. Don’t worry about adding a lawyer fee to your overwhelming bills. You don’t pay us until you get paid for the accident. We won’t add stress to your plate.

Choose a Milford Truck Accident Lawyer You Can Rely On

Brill Law Group is here to guide you through the aftermath of a truck accident in Milford. You may feel like it’s too much work to seek justice in your case. Let us do the work for you:

  • Conduct a thorough investigation
  • Gather evidence to build a case
  • Keep a strong relationship and communication line with our clients throughout the process.

There’s no reason to give in to feelings of helplessness after a truck accident. You can gain financial relief by hiring a Milford truck accident lawyer. Get the maximum payout for your insurance claim and receive compensation for your pain and suffering along the way.

Our team is ready to learn more about your case. Give us a call to talk about the first steps to take after your truck accident in Milford.

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