Car Accidents

What Can You Expect From Your Free Consultation?

When the unthinkable happens, a free consultation with Brill Law Group is your first port of call. Whether your personal injury was sustained from a car accident, motorcycle accident, medical negligence case, it’s imperative to seek legal advice. Although there

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Car Accidents: How Safe are American Roads?

Few people get into their vehicle expecting to have a car accident. But in 2021, 2.5 million Americans were injured behind the wheel. Police reported 4,335,820 cases of vehicle-related property damage, and 42,939 people tragically lost their lives on U.S roadways.1

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According the National Practitioner Data Bank, there were approximately 8,657 medical malpractice payments made in the United States in 2020. Image Source: Pexels

Three Lesser-Known Examples Of Medical Malpractice

Trust Brill Law Group to navigate your Medical Malpractice claim and secure your case settlement. A negative medical experience can derail your life. The physical, mental, and personal impact on you may feel all-consuming, and it’s important to seek justice

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Average Whiplash Settlement in Fairfield, CT

Average Whiplash Settlements in Fairfield, CT

  Whiplash injuries can be frightening. While every accident that involves these kinds of injuries is different, having a basic idea of how whiplash settlements work can be helpful in understanding the compensation you can receive.    While the average

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Mistakes and Traps in Fairfield

Mistakes and Traps in Fairfield. Mistake №1: Not Calling the Police or Not Disputing the Police Report. You’re supposed to call the Fairfield police department after an accident.  But a lot of people think it’s better, smarter, or more efficient

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