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Should You Hire a Bike Accident Lawyer in Fairfield?

In a nutshell:

You may be able to settle your own case if you were not injured or only sought minimal treatment.
Personal injury lawyers typically charge a fee equal to 33.33% of your settlement proceeds when the case is over. They are not "free."
Fairfield bike accident attorneys can help you get the medical treatment you need and build up your case to maximize the settlement amount.
Even if you were partially at fault or did not suffer catastrophic injuries, you should still look into a Fairfield bike accident lawyer.
In looking for the right lawyer, make sure the law firm is experienced in bike accident cases and does a great job communicating with you.
Can you sue for a bicycle accident?

Can you sue for a bicycle accident?

Riding a bike is one of life's greatest pleasures. That said, cyclists must be extremely careful when biking on roads to avoid highly dangerous accidents. Bikes and cars are supposed to share the road. When drivers don't respect cyclists' rights on the road, terrible consequences occur. If you were involved in a bicycle accident, you probably have a lot of questions. "Can I sue for a bicycle accident?" "Was I at fault for the bike accident?" "Who pays my medical expenses?" "Who pays to repair my bike?" This article answers these questions and more.

Good to know...

What to do after a bicycle accident?

Always stay calm after a bicycle accident. Try to remove yourself from the road as quickly and safely as possible. The worst thing you can do is remain in the lane of travel and subject yourself to a second accident.

Call the police
Cyclists should always call the police after bike accidents. The police will secure the accident scene, get emergency services involved, and document the circumstances of the crash. An official police report also becomes powerful evidence if you need to hire a bike accident lawyer and bring your case to court.
Get necessary medical treatment
Bicycle accident injuries can be quite severe. By not having the protection of a steel car frame, cyclists are at risk of serious injury, concussions, broken bones, road rash, amputations, and even death. Even if you think you were uninjured, you should get checked out just to be safe. Bikers involved in bike accidents will have their adrenaline going and might not recognize they are hurt right away. Also, if you have a bicycle accident case, the insurance company lawyer may argue that any delay in medical treatment shows you didn't suffer any serious injuries. If you fail to get medical treatment, your future bicycle accident attorneys may have their hands tied at trial.
Document the accident scene
You should take photographs of the accident scene to preserve your claim. Insurance companies fight tooth and nail to avoid paying you fair compensation. Having photographic proof is crucial in supporting your version of events.

When should you consult a Fairfield bike accident attorney?

Finding an experienced bicycle accident lawyer is critical to preserving your rights and building up a strong case. Because evidence (such as video footage) gets lost or destroyed soon after an accident, the quicker you can speak to an attorney, the better. It may feel daunting or even dirty to think about looking into bicycle accident lawyers. However, you should feel no guilt at all for checking out your legal options. If you suffered serious injuries, you have a right to seek out an experienced Fairfield bicycle accident lawyer who will negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf.

People injured in a bike accident who have suffered more than minor aches and pains should strongly consider hiring a lawyer with experience in personal injury law. Proving complex injuries involving traumatic brain injuries, surgery, or even death can be difficult to do without a lawyer.

In cases with high out of pocket expenses, severe injuries, and serious claims for pain and suffering, an attorney can help secure the right experts. They can also help identify all available pools of insurance money for you to seek compensation from.

Most bike accident lawyers charge a contingency fee, which means they get paid at the end of your case out of the settlement money. Fairfield car accident lawyers typically charge a fee of 33.33% of your total recovery. If your recovery is greater than $300,000, then the attorney's fee may is usually reduced below 33.33% under Fairfield law.

Bike accident attorneys will tell you it's a "free consultation" or "no obligation consultation" to look into your car accident case. This is technically true. Lawyers don't charge to meet with you and talk about your bike accident case.

But it's not necessarily the whole truth. Remember, a Fairfield bike accident attorney will take a percentage of your recovery, typically 33.33%. This is not "free." The money you receive in a car accident settlement is your money - it represents fair compensation of what was taken away from you in terms of health, money, and enjoyment of life.

This does not mean car accident lawyers are not worth it. Bike accident victims are usually better off hiring a lawyer than pursuing a case themselves. This is especially true when bike accident victims suffer life changing injuries. But the lawyer is certainly not "free."

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