Getting temporary rental car after a car accident in Fairfield.

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Getting temporary rental car after a car accident in Fairfield.

If your car is not drivable, you may need a rental car while yours is in the shop. Check your policy to see if replacement rentals are included in your coverage. Car rental coverage isn’t usually automatically included in your policy, which means you typically must choose that coverage. Rental car coverage will have a daily maximum the insurance company will pay and an overall cap on what they will pay. For example, the following image shows a $50 per day limit and a $1,500 overall maximum.

Consult your own auto insurance policy to find out whether or not you have rental reimbursement coverage and what the terms and conditions are. You can usually find these details on the declarations page, or the “dec page.” You can find this information through your company’s online portal, your own paper copy of your policy, or by simply calling your insurance company. A declarations page looks something like this:

If you don’t have rental reimbursement coverage, contact the other driver’s insurance, and ask about having them pay for a rental. Ask for their agreement to pay for your car rental in writing, and remember, do not sign any liability releases!

Here are some templates that might be helpful.

Use this template if the other driver’s auto insurance agrees to pay for your car rental:

Insurance Company Name
File No.:
Date of Loss:

Dear Ms. Adjuster,

Thank you for your offer to pay for a replacement rental car. I will be using [car rental company]. You can reach their customer service representative at [phone number and/or email address]. Please reference my date of accident.

By agreeing to let you pay for this car, I do not agree to release any claims against your insured for their negligence. I reserve all my rights against them and will not sign a release until the appropriate time.

Please confirm in writing that you have agreed to pay for my replacement rental car.

Thank you,
Sally Jones

Use this template letter to your own car insurance company if your auto policy contains rental coverage.

Dear Ms. Adjuster,

I write to ensure that my replacement rental vehicle is paid for by you. As you know, my auto policy includes coverage for a rental vehicle while my car is being repaired. Accordingly, please contact me as soon as possible to confirm you will be paying for my car rental from [name] rental company.

Thank you,
Salley Jones 

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