Car Accidents: How Safe are American Roads?

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Few people get into their vehicle expecting to have a car accident. But in 2021, 2.5 million Americans were injured behind the wheel. Police reported 4,335,820 cases of vehicle-related property damage, and 42,939 people tragically lost their lives on U.S roadways.1 Figures like this are unbecoming of a country prioritizing citizens’ safety.

The effects of car accidents are multifarious. Apart from (sometimes fatal) injuries, these incidents wreck vehicles. Then, a lengthy discourse with your car insurance company ensues, and that’s to say nothing of the psychological and emotional toll such incidents take.

Many drivers pride themselves on caution. But with statistics like these, and millions more vehicles on the road, we have to ask: how safe are American Roads?

Distracted Driving:

Talking, Texting, or eating on the go, Distracted Driving is a leading cause of car accidents and motorcycle accidents in the U.S. Distracted Driving is when a driver does not have their full attention on the road while behind the wheel.

The state of Connecticut takes this issue seriously. Distracted Driving, which constitutes Reckless Driving, caused 3,308 fatalities in the U.S. (2022).

Car accidents sometimes require liaisons with the insurance companies. Read our article on Dealing with the other driver’s insurance company in Fairfield.

Excessive Speeding:

A local news source reports 541,920 cases of speeding in Connecticut’s “work zones” over eight months in 2023. Such areas have high volumes of cars, commuters, and pedestrians on the road. Of that number, 24,875 vehicles exceeded the speed limit by 15mph. Speeding increases a vehicle’s stop time and extreme speeding reduces the efficacy of your car’s inbuilt safety systems.

Brill Law Group can negotiate a case settlement if you suffered injuries in an incident with a speeding driver. If the other party contests your injuries, or if you are “partially at fault,” you may still be able to claim. Speak to us to find out if your case qualifies for compensation.

Uninsured Drivers:

Owners of an uninsured vehicle are liable for a fine of up to $1000, which rises to $5000 for commercial vehicles. Nonetheless, the Insurance Research Council estimated that 14% of U.S. drivers had no insurance in 2022.

Nothing compounds a car accident like a driver with no insurance; no-one can overstate the financial, legal, and psychological impact on you. Victims must front repair and medical costs where the liable party cannot foot the bill.


Suffice it to say that U.S. Roads are not as safe as they should be. While Fairfield’s Complete Streets Policy aims to make its roadways safer, accidents will always happen where irresponsible drivers put the rest of us at risk.

If you were involved in a car or motorcycle accident in Fairfield, you need personal injury lawyers with local knowledge and legal expertise. Brill Law Group has both, and what’s more, we offer “Professional, honest, and courteous,” service to our clients from their free consultation to their case settlement.

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