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Have you recently faced an injury due to an accident in Easton, Connecticut? Time is of the essence. Reach out to an Easton personal injury lawyer from Brill Law Group as soon as possible.

Our team is dedicated to helping our clients secure the compensation they deserve after an accident, and we know how urgent and overwhelming this process can be.

The aftermath of an accident can be incredibly taxing, both physically and mentally. On top of that, the financial burdens of medical bills and lost wages can significantly impact your life. As a result, knowing where to turn or what steps to take next can seem impossible.

At Brill Law Group, we provide guidance and support and help each of our clients, starting with a free consultation. During this consultation, we’ll listen to your story, assess your case, and discuss the best course of action to help you move forward.

Don’t go it alone—let us help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

Our Practice Areas

Because we understand that each personal injury case is unique, we are equipped to handle a wide range of situations. Here are some of the many practice areas we specialize in:

  • Car Accidents: When you turn to the Easton courts to get compensation for injuries you’ve sustained after a car accident, it’s a good idea to have Brill Law Group fighting for you.
  • Truck Accidents: Don’t try to battle top-tier trucking company attorneys alone. Trust the experience of Brill Law Group to represent your best interests.
  • Slip & Fall Accidents: If you’ve experienced a slip and fall accident in a commercial space or at work, contact Brill Law Group for a free consultation. Your compensation situation may be high-probability.
  • Dog Bites: We love dogs, though suffering from a dog bite is not okay. If you were recently bitten, get in touch with our professional law team and get the maximum compensation you deserve.
  • Traumatic Injuries: If you or a loved one is dealing with a traumatic injury caused by someone else, such as a brain or spinal cord industry, it’s important the at-fault party is held responsible.

Why Choose Brill Law Group

Dan Brill is a top-rated trial attorney who has secured millions in settlements for hundreds of unique clients. His extensive experience and dedication to justice make him a formidable advocate for anyone seeking compensation for personal injuries.

As a former Senior Trial Attorney for the New York City Law Department, he’s equipped him with invaluable skills and insights. With years of experience in the field and insider knowledge of defense strategies, the Brill Law Group team can help you effectively negotiate with insurance companies and get the best possible outcome.

No-Fee Policy

You pay nothing upfront—we only get paid if we secure a financial settlement or verdict for you. Our fees are regulated by Connecticut law and never exceed 33.33%.

We cover all case-related expenses, including medical record retrieval and court fees, and are only reimbursed for these costs when your case is resolved.

Free Consultation

Unsure about your lawsuit? We offer a free consultation in which we review your case, provide expert advice, and outline the best course of action.

Proven Results

We offer expert communication and legal guidance to get our clients the tax-free compensation they deserve. Our hundreds of satisfied clients speak for our work. If you’re ready to get on with your life, let us help you navigate the same stress-free process.

Dealing with Insurance Companies 

Giving recorded statements or signing documents without consulting a lawyer can seriously jeopardize your claim.

Insurance adjusters can twist your words and use any statements you make against you to disprove your claim. A personal injury attorney from Brill Law Group can protect your interests, handle all communications with the insurance companies, and uphold your rights throughout the process.

Finding All Liable Parties

In many personal injury cases, there may be multiple parties responsible for your injuries.

Identifying all these liable parties is essential for recovering the full value of your claim while overlooking any responsible party can significantly reduce the compensation you receive.

This process requires a keen eye and thorough investigation, which is where Brill Law Group excels. Our experienced team meticulously examines every aspect of your case to ensure we identify all liable parties and hold them accountable. By doing so, we maximize your potential compensation.


Why should I hire an Easton personal injury lawyer instead of representing myself?

A personal injury lawyer has the expertise and experience to navigate complex legal processes and maximize your compensation, which is often difficult to achieve on your own.

What does it cost to retain a personal injury attorney in Easton, Connecticut?

You never pay anything upfront. We only collect a fee if we secure a settlement or verdict for you and Connecticut law regulates our fees not exceeding 33.33%.

What types of compensation can I obtain if I was innocently injured in an auto accident?

You may be able to obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and potentially punitive damages, depending on the specifics of your case.

Speak With an Easton Personal Injury Lawyer Today!

Don’t let an injury disrupt your life any longer.

Speak with an experienced Easton personal injury lawyer at Brill Law Group to understand your rights and options. Our dedicated team is ready to fight for the compensation you deserve.

So, when you’re ready to take the first step toward justice, contact us today for a free consultation.

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Hear From Our Clients

Having Dan Brill as an attorney has been a great experience. He was extremely accommodating and readily available. He got the best results for my personal injury case in a speedy manner. Highly recommended!

Zammy Lee

I was rear ended by a drunk driver in Stamford and my car was badly damaged. Dan took over my car accident case and did a great job. He answered ny questions and made me feel very comfortable during the process. Highly recommend!

Ronald Chamale

Attorney Brill is an exceptional lawyer! He is professional, detailed and swift! I cannot praise him enough for handling an incident for me that came out very favorable!
A great lawyer! Its hard to find lawyers like Mr. Brill!

Martha Wallace

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