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How a Connecticut bus accident lawyer can help?

In a nutshell:

You may be able to settle your own case if you were not injured or only sought minimal treatment.
Personal injury lawyers typically charge a fee equal to 33.33% of your settlement proceeds when the case is over. They are not "free."
Connecticut bus accident attorneys can help you get the medical treatment you need and build up your case to maximize the settlement amount.
Even if you were partially at fault or did not suffer catastrophic injuries, you should still look into a CT bus accident lawyer.
In looking for the right lawyer, make sure the law firm is experienced in auto accident cases and does a great job communicating with you.
Should you hire a Connecticut bus accident lawyer after an accident?

Should you hire a Connecticut bus accident lawyer after an accident?

If you were involved in a bus accident as a bus passenger or while in a car struck by a bus, you might wonder, "Do I have a claim?" "Can I sue a commuter bus?" or "Who is responsible for my kid being hurt in a school bus crash?" Before looking for Connecticut bus accident lawyers, research your options and the claims process. This article discusses all issues involving bus accidents and pursuing compensation.

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What to Do If You Are in a Bus Accident

Bus accidents can be very scary. The crash impact can be massive, and bus passengers typically do not have seat belts. If you were in a bus crash, it's time to hire a bus accident lawyer. Here are some tips you should consider.

Stay Calm
First and foremost, try to stay calm. While you may be shaken up, the last thing you want is to do something rash, like running out of the bus. Take a moment to collect yourself. Above all else, you want to avoid further harm, such as getting into a second accident.
Call the Police
Right away you should call the police. Don't assume someone else will. The presence of police is vital in collisions involving buses not just to give emergency services, but to determine the causes of the crash.
Get Medical Treatment
Even if you think you only feel minor aches and pains, injured victims often experience adrenaline rushes that mask the true extent of their injuries. After several hours (or even days) have passed, injured people often feel their symptoms get worse and more debilitating. Thus, it is always safer to get checked out right away for any potential injuries. Additionally, when injured people wait days or weeks to get their injuries checked out, the insurance company lawyer will cleverly argue that the person is not hurt because they did not get immediate medical treatment.
Document the Crash Scene
If your case turns into a lawsuit, the bus company will try to dispute their driver's fault as much as possible. As a result, it is critical you take photographs and get witnesses' contact information to have an accurate account of what happened. You or your lawyer should also consider getting camera footage from inside the bus if you were a bus passenger. You may also find valuable video footage from nearby businesses or from traffic signals.

Who Is Responsible in a Bus-Related Accident in Connecticut?

A careless bus driver is responsible for bus crashes caused by their negligence. Negligence simply means that a person failed to use reasonable care under the circumstances. Under Connecticut law, the bus company or municipality is responsible for the actions of their negligent bus driver. This is called "respondeat superior." Thus, if you choose to pursue a personal injury claim, the bus company or municipality will be named in the lawsuit and eventually be responsible for paying monetary damages.

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People injured in a bus accident who have suffered more than minor aches and pains should strongly consider hiring a lawyer with experience in personal injury law. Proving complex injuries involving traumatic brain injuries, surgery, or even death can be difficult to do without a lawyer.

In cases with high out of pocket expenses, severe injuries, and serious claims for pain and suffering, an attorney can help secure the right experts. They can also help identify all available pools of insurance money for you to seek compensation from.

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Most bus accident lawyers charge a contingency fee, which means they get paid at the end of your case out of the settlement money. Connecticut bus accident lawyers typically charge a fee of 33.33% of your total recovery. If your recovery is greater than $300,000, then the attorney's fee may is usually reduced below 33.33% under Connecticut law.

Bus accident attorneys will tell you it's a "free consultation" or "no obligation consultation" to look into your bus accident case. This is technically true. Lawyers don't charge to meet with you and talk about your busaccident case.

But it's not necessarily the whole truth. Remember, a Connecticut bus accident attorney will take a percentage of your recovery, typically 33.33%. This is not "free." The money you receive in a bus accident settlement is your money - it represents fair compensation of what was taken away from you in terms of health, money, and enjoyment of life.

This does not mean bus accident lawyers are not worth it. Bus accident victims are usually better off hiring a lawyer than pursuing a case themselves. This is especially true when bus accident victims suffer life changing injuries. But the lawyer is certainly not "free."

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